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ll bring you▓ to the Cabal.’ ‘What is tha

t’ I ask▓ed.‘We study the Cabbala’ h▓e said almost shyly; ‘we are a sort of small l▓odge.She said you knew somet●hing about it and would be interested.’ T▓his astonished me for I had never, as far a▓s I knew, mentioned to Justine any line ▓of study which I was pursuing — in b●etween long bouts of lethargy a▓nd self-disgust.And as far as I knew the litt●le suitca

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oks of ▓the kind had always been kept und●

er my bed locked.I said nothing ho●wever.He spoke now of Nessim, sa●ying: ‘Of all of us he is the most happy● in a way because he has no preconceived▓ idea of what he wants in return f●or his love.And to love in such an unpremeditat●ed way is something that most people● have to re-learn after fifty.▓ Children have it.So has he.I am serious.’  癞Did you know the writer Arnauti’ ‘Yes.▓ The author of Moeurs.’ ‘Tell me about hi▓m.’ ‘He intruded on us, but he● did not see the spiritual ci▓ty underlying the temporal one.Gifted, sensit▓ive, but very French.He found Justine too young● to be more than hurt by her.It was i●ll luck.Had he found another a little older▓ — all our women are Justines, you know, ●in different styles — he might have — I ▓will not say written better, for his book i▓s well written:

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resolution which▓ would have made it more

truly a work of art.’ ●He paused and took a long pull at his pipe ▓before adding slowly: ‘You s▓ee in his book he avoided dealing with a numb●er of things which he knew to▓ be true of Justine, but which he ig▓nored for purely artistic pu●rposes — like the incident of her child.I ▓suppose he thought it smacked of melodra▓ma.’ ‘What child was this’ ‘Justine had a ●child, by whom I do not know.It was kidnapped a▓nd disappeared one day.Abou▓t six years old.A girl.These things ●do happen quite frequently in● Egypt as you know.Later she hea▓rd that it had been seen or recognized and beg●an a frantic hunt for it through the Ara▓b quarter of every town, through every house of ▓ill-fame, since you know what ●happens to parentless children in Egyp▓t.Arnauti never mentioned this, thoug●h he often helped her follow up clues, and ▓he must have seen how much this loss contrib●uted to her unhappiness.’ ‘Who did Just●ine love before Arnauti’ ‘I cannot remembe▓r.You know many of Justine’s lovers rem●